Jennifer Eve

A longtime family genealogist, I have spent a lot of time in cemeteries. It is upsetting to finally find your family headstone, yet not be able to read it or find it in disrepair. This piqued my interest in cemetery preservation. I am passionate about preserving the history we find in cemeteries not only for my own research today, but for future generations as well. This led to my attending classes to learn proper cleaning methods ensuring no further harm is done, as well as how to perform repairs on broken headstones, creating new bases for slotted tablets, resetting headstones, multiple piece monuments and infill.

Teresa Johnson

I have been doing genealogy since my teenage years and have become our family historian. I have a love of history and antiques and their connection to family history. For me the cemetery is where the history is alive because it is one of the few places you can go and literally walk in your relatives’ footsteps. It takes me back to when the burial service was and how many of my relatives where standing in the same place. I recently learned of cemetery preservation, and thoroughly enjoy the research side and getting to know about the people and how they lived, and how it has impacted how we live today.

Jinger Hatcher

I think it’s disrespectful to find anyone, especially Veterans who risked their lives for this country, in overgrown neglect and ruins. I am committed to finding their graves, restoring them and giving them the respect they deserve.